Isabelle Clement


Walid is an absolutely amazing personal trainer and I can’t recommend him highly enough. He’s the perfect combination of tough (Walid, you’re KILLING me!) fun and encouraging.

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Micheal Costello


After years of inactivity my decision to train with Harry has paid massive dividends. Weight loss, changes to my physique and increased energy levels have resulted after a few short months

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Pamela Leader


I had been a gym member for many years on and off and hardly used it. Then my dietician strongly advised me to get a trainer to motivate me

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Sarah Sutherland


Training with Ruairidh is so much fun. His knowledge is the best I’ve come across in the 4 years I’ve been in the UAE. Each session Ruairidh keeps me motivated and on my toes.

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Bahaa Fakhereddine


Gym for me has always been something out of this world, going to the gym has always been something impossible! Harry is an amazing motivator and knows exactly what is the best for me. He was super professional and passionate about what he does, I never felt he was doing a job while training me. It was always fun and real hard work. Looking forward to my next set of sessions with Harry.

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Marc Anderson


Although I have always been pro-active in keeping myself fit, my training regime seemed to lack structure. As a result, I would rarely see progress in my fitness levels, which became a source of demotivation.

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Bronwyn Coppez


I started training with Tanita in January 2015.  I am myself a personal trainer, although I no longer work since having kids, but have always seeked the input and dedication to my training of another professional.Tanita and I quickly developed a very strong friendship even though I am 15 years her senior she just got me.  Tanita was amazing to train with, her knowledge of the body and what worked, her attention to correct form and technique made a huge difference in how my body responded to the programs we worked through.  Every session was different and never once was I bored.  Continuously pushing me to work harder she ensured I reached my fitness and strength goals.  She put her complete focus into each and every session we did always taking into account how I was feeling on that particular day. Not only was she amazing with her clients but she managed several gyms successfully and formed close and good relationships with those she supervised. She is passionate about helping others and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to change their lives.  She’s dynamite in a small package, an asset to any institution.

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David McBain


Training with Ruairidh over the past few months has been fantastic. I have always been extremely injury prone which has held back my fitness levels over the past few years. Ruairidh’s incredible amount of insight on training and nutrition makes each session fun, interesting and even, educational. He has a great way of keeping you motivated and knowing when to push you in order to get the best out of your session. This has allowed me to work around my past injury problems whilst increasing my strength, fitness and seeing some great physique changes. Despite undergoing reconstructive knee surgery, i am now squatting, deadlifting and carry more weight during strength sessions than ever before. As a personal trainer, I strongly recommend Ruairidh. What impressed me most is how quickly and effectively he managed to change and adapt training sessions to fit my capabilities and problems.

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Valentina Rivera


I have been training with Kieran for just over 4 months and I couldn’t be happier! He’s always got the energy to motivate me to push harder and I can really see the results as well as always enjoying my work out sessions. He always makes sure that the exercises we do are safe and he is also able to help me strengthen my injured knee at the same time I work on toning the rest of my body. I’m so glad that I started and I don’t plan on stopping any time!

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