Erika Olivares

erika olivares

Before I met Kieran I was thinking about getting cosmetic surgery to get rid of excess fat around my torso but after training for only one month I changed my mind. Now that we have trained for more than 4 months the results are more than clear and I am extremely pleased with the changes my body has had in these previous months. Kieran is always happy to be training with me and I’m looking forward to every session! He’s great to be around as he makes me feel confident and safe while doing all the exercises. I could not be happier with the results I have gained and I’m looking forward to future changes!

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Ivan Williams


I have been training with Ruairidh for over a year now and my fitness levels and strength have significantly improved. Ruairidh is a knowledgable, enthusiatic and really believes in what he is doing. That enthusiasm and belief really rubs off, making training sessions really enjoyable and fun. Before i met Ruairidh, i wouldn’t have called myself a dedicated gym user, however, now i really enjoy going to the gym and get disappointed if i miss a workout! Its a really good feeling finishing a workout and knowing your improving.

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Hamza Faroz

hamza faroz

I have been training with Kieran for almost 6 months now. He is friendly and professional. Kieran has pushed me farther than I think I could go. I am much fitter and in better shape.

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Nathaly Challita

nathaly Challita

Ruairidh has helped me break the cycle of bad habits. I started with weight loss as the primary goal, but then found a new pleasure in improving my performance and breaking personal bests almost every session. My running performance nearly doubled in two months! I always leave the sessions with more understanding of nutrition facts,  physiology and injury prevention.Thank you for that achievement in such a short time. Ill always look forward to that high five at the end of each session.

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Hannah Brown


Even with my hectic and packed schedule, Tristan still made it possible for me to reach my goal of toning my muscles and losing some excess body weight. I now feel fitter and stronger than ever before! Thank you Tristan for pushing me past my limits from lifting seriously heavy weights to climbing extraordinary mountains! It has been a crazy adventure and every second of pain was worth it

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Mennah Hafez


Ruairidh was great and motivated me a lot. When i started our 5 week programme, I was lazy and tired. By the end, i was much stronger leaner and energetic. I loved every minute of it, although sometimes it was pretty challenging. Ruairidh was aware I have low blood pressure and took care with exercise selection, transitioning and making sure i stood up slowly when required. I’d do it again.


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Imad Al Fadel


Revolution Fitness has been providing me with an excellent and professional service. I have never been this lean in my life; and have never felt better. My body has been constantly challenged with the varying training programs; while I have not had to worry about what to eat and when (in order to get optimal results) as Revolution Fitness did it all for me.

In addition, my Revolution Fitness personal trainer always takes the time to explain to me what each exercise does to my muscles/body, and the scientific reasons why following certain diets are healthier than others. Finally, I have been personally training with Harry, and in addition to all the above, he is a very pleasant trainer to have.

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Simon Howse


It’s been great training with Harry and the team. Having some old injuries as a major concern in the early days and extensively on the road for business, Harry put together a dedicated, tailored program to increase flexibility, motion and strength both locally and while traveling. Today those old aches and pains are gone for good. Having seen great results in these areas, we are now working on a total strength and conditioning program to take it to the next level. Could not have done it without your help mate, and can certainly recommend the team at Revolution Fitness for anyone looking for a trainer to help motivate in dropping those pounds and increasing those PB’s. Thanks guys!

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Sima Dakkak


Kieran is a great trainer and a wonderful person and friend.

He always pushes me to do my best and achieve my goals, and makes exercising fun and full of variety. He also makes sure we do the things I enjoy the most, while doing them in the most efficient way to help reach my goals. What I also like about Kieran is how knowledgeable he is about what he does, and how he is explains to me the impact and advantages of every exercise we do. Kieran is also very good with nutrition, and always gives me great tips and recommendations, to complement my workout.

He is also a wonderful person to spend time with, always has a smile and positive energy. Always on time and super professional. I’m confident that any person who would train with him would fully agree with me.

Harry is an inspirational personal trainer, his patience, skills and knowledge has helped me reshape my body and make me feel super fit. He’s enthusiastic, fun and very pleasant to be around. He understands very well what he does, and explains to me the purpose of every work out that we do and how it affects my different body parts.

Harry provides lots of encouragement and pushes me to work harder, showing me that nothing is impossible. He always changes what we do to keep it Interesting and fun, and listens to my requirements and amends his training plan accordingly. I’m very pleased with the improvement both in fitness and general health that I have achieved. Harry has also helped with my nutrition, as he has combined a recommended diet wih my workouts. I highly recommend Harry and I know you will be as pleased with your results as I was!


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Jean Moukarzel


I started training with Walid with a clear objective of gaining muscle mass. Faster than I expected, the gains were already noticeable and I was loving my body’s transformation. Walid knew exactly what to do, gave me the workout routines I needed, but also advised me and followed up on my diet and out-of-the gym exercises (such as sprints). Today, I can say I’m addicted to the gym and really feel better physically (and therefore mentally). I truly believe that without Walid’s dedication and passion for what he does, none of this would have been possible.

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