Kickboxing for women in Dubai

kickboxing in dubai kickboxing for women in dubai

Are you tired of that stubborn belly fat? Did you know that belly fat is associated with a risk of heart disease, diabetes and causes many health issues? Kickboxing is great for weight loss in Dubai

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Niall’s story

weight loss bodybuilding body toning

The right weight loss and body toning strategy could bring up an individual’s self esteem. Having a good body shape and eating well results in feeling good on the inside and as a result boosts one’s self confidence

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Top 10 tips for weight loss

Top 10 tips for weight loss – With Dubai Personal Trainer Christie Ffrench Count your calories! Losing weight is an equation of calorie intake versus expenditure. By counting the calories you consume you know exactly how much you are eating which makes it possible to plan and execute an effective diet plan. To lose body […]

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Cardio Exercises For Body Toning – does it work?

PT Tips: Cardio Exercises For Body Toning – does it work? 1.     Doing regular cardio exercises are a great way to get in shape and lose some weight. Can cardio exercise also help with all over body toning and if so what types of cardio exercise work best (running, HIIT, gym workout machines etc)? If you’re untrained, cardio exercise will initially work great to build […]

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Bigger Arms?

Dubai Personal Trainer Tips: Top 5 Workout Routines For Bigger Arms? How can I get bigger arms, fast. It’s a question often asked in Bodybuilding forums, at the gym and also to personal trainers in the UAE. Many people who start a personal training regime in Dubai with the aim of building muscle, want to […]

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TRX Stretching & Warming Up

female personal trainer dubai

TRX provides a great body workout but like any exercise method a warm up routine should be performed first. As a TRX personal trainer in Dubai what are your favourite TRX stretching and warm up routines? As a warm up it is best to keep to dynamic stretches. So I tend to start of on […]

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Dubai Female Personal Trainer – What Do You Normally Eat For Breakfast?

My breakfast generally differs between 3/4 different options. Protein, oats, berries and almond flakes Egg white omelette with spinach, mushrooms and avocado Protein shake Peanut butter on toast Why do you think your breakfast choices are an important part of your daily nutrition and how do they benefit your morning routine/start of the day: I […]

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