Exercising in a group class has great benefits and it can help you achieve your fitness goals quicker!

Revolution Fitness specializes in not just one-on-one personal training sessions in Dubai, but also group sessions. People demand personalization when it comes to health, fitness and beauty. Our personal trainers in Dubai provide custom diet and fitness plan fit for your goals.

Group class is something different than having huge numbers.Training in a group of two or more people has its benefits. A study shows that individuals are more likely to lose weight if they hang out and spend time with fit people. Strength lies in numbers.

How can group classes be beneficial?


In a small group of people having similar goals, you are more likely to be highly motivated to achieve your fitness goal. Our group sessions are pocket-friendly andwe assure you that you will receive individual attention and simultaneously enjoy being with people around you.

Motivation, conversation, inspiration.

Working out with others improve consistency as positive peer pressure can help in continuing the workout sessions without skipping any. Certified and personal trainers in Dubai offer you the best group classes and empathize with your goals to completely understand your routine, and suggest what changes to bring in them. According to a study, 95 percent people who started a weight loss program with their friends, were able to accomplish their goal. A group session encourages healthy competition and there is a benefit of motivation from other participants. Whether it is yoga, abs workout, core workout, or cross fit, a group session is very exciting and our UAE personal trainers are highly skilled and experienced to take you through your fitness journey.


Whether it is having a group class with friends or family, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the exercise. Exercising releases ‘feel good’ hormones and what better way to do it than having a great group session with friends or family every once in a while.


A study published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology shows the effect of individuals performing planks alone and with a partner. The study revealed that working out with a partner made participants hold on to themselves for a longer period of time during planks. This showed that working with someone allowed several factors to influence on the time taken to hold on in a plank. A study by the society of behavioral medicine also showed that working out with a partner increased improvement in performance that doubled the workout time for those who exercised alone.


Seeing what others can do, will inspire you to do more. The influence of working in a group of motivated people is definitely a self esteem booster, and a faster route to achieve your fitness goals.

If you think you don’t have time and it can be challenging to juggle work life and personal life, consider another option. Have a look at our Corporate Wellness services in Dubai. You can train with your colleagues. Dubai personal trainers offer specialized group classes with great prices for those who want to train along with a partner or a group! Contact us by filling out your details on the contact page or message us on any of our social media channels to book your slots.