What type of training do your personal trainers have?

All of our personal trainers are certified and registered with REPs to ensure you have an enjoyable, safe and effective workout. We have trainers from different backgrounds to specifically suit your needs: including the gold standard certifications from the USA, UK and Australia, Bachelor degrees and Masters Degrees.

What type of results can I expect working with your personal trainers?

We specifically tailor our personal training and nutrition to cater for your health goals! We promise to effectively produce results with you, whether it be losing fat, gaining muscle, improving for a sport or become healthier. We offer a 100% money back guarantee!

What does a normal personal training session consist of?

A normal session is designed to cater to your results, likes and safety specifically; therefore no two training sessions will be the same! Depending on your personal preferences and goals, we can offer a wide array of exercises, cardiovascular training and stretching.

Can you provide nutrition planning and advice?

Yes, at Revolution Fitness we specifically tailor the diet schedule to your goals and focus, as we feel it is an important pillar in achieving your desired goals. We can provide exact meals that address your goals specifically to the calorie, or we can simply offer advice and guidance if a drastic change isn’t wanted. Should cooking time be a problem in your busy life in Dubai, we can offer ready-made meal deliveries from our partner KCal. Follow link to read more (link to PT section)

What makes you different from other personal training companies in the UAE? (Like Fitness First, Regime, etc)

We offer the best personal training experience possible, we produce fast results to any goal, in a safe fun environment. We are also not partnered with one specific gym so we can perform the sessions at almost any location you would prefer, such as the comfort of your home, the park, beach or one of our many partnered training facilities.

Will I work with the same trainer every time?

Yes! We believe that a supportive relationship between trainer and client will help produce results – therefore you will work with the same trainer each time. If however, for any reason you would like to change trainers, we can easily set up another trainer for you to work with.

What are the advantages of providing a Corporate Wellness package to our employees?

Studies have shown the significant advantage when offering Corporate Wellness to employees. These range from a ROI, due to reduced absenteeism and increased productivity, to greater employee retention and healthier/happier employees. Please Visit (Link to Corporate Wellness section) for further details on the results from multiple scientific studies.

What’s included in your personal training programs?

In our personal training programs we offer a free initial consultation, then we offer blocks of training sessions. These can be at any location and time you wish, helping you achieve your goals with safe and passionate training. Revolution Fitness also include assistance with diet planning when training with our personal trainers.


Can we provide online personal training in the UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and beyond?

Yes, if you believe you have the ability to stay focused and on track yourself, online personal training may be for you. Click here (link to online training) for more information.

Why do some people give up on exercise? Can anyone stick to an exercise program?

Research shows that the majority of people will give up on their exercise and healthy lifestyles. It has been shown that working with a personal trainer directly, keeps you motivated and greatly reduces your chance of straying from your new healthier lifestyle, ensuring you will reach your desired goals.

I have an injury or illness, can you offer safe personal training anyway? (Lower back pain, joint pain, ankle injury, shoulder issues, ACL injuries, sore elbow, high blood pressure, diabetes)

Yes, our personal trainers are well experienced working with clients with injuries, and can provide steady improvements in a safe environment.

I have never exercised before, what program should I sign up for with Revolution Fitness?

It’s never too late to start exercising! Visit (link to contact section) or call +971 55 674 9046 to set up your FREE consultation now! One of our personal trainers will meet with you to plan a customised workout with your input that best suits your goals.


I’m a complete beginner and have a sedentary lifestyle, is personal training for me?

Yes, it’s never too late to start exercising! As a beginner it is very beneficial for you to have a personal training that has the experience and education to teach you how to exercise effectively and safely.

I’m an advanced weight lifter, and have been exercising for years, is personal training for me?

Yes, a Revolution Fitness personal trainer can take your results to the next level! Our trainers all have years of exercise under their belt, and therefore can work with you to make sure that everything you’re doing is as it should be.

How long does a personal training session last, and how often should we exercise together?

We offer 1 hour and 30 minute exercise sessions; in our FREE consultation we can discuss with you what type of training schedule will fit your goals and lifestyle best. Visit (link to contact section) or call +971 55 674 9046 to set up your FREE consultation now.

How much does personal training cost at Revolution Fitness Dubai?

We offer different packages for your goals and lifestyles, you can visit (link to PT section with prices) to see a table of pricing for the different packages, call +971 55 674 9046  or email info@revolutionfitness.ae for your FREE consultation.

How much is a Corporate Wellness Package?

Depending on the size of your company, the hours required, and staff members attending, we tailor make the package to suit your company’s needs. Please get in touch by calling +971 55 674 9046  or e-mailing info@revolutionfitness.ae and we will come to you to discuss how we can help you!

Why should I use a personal trainer/What are the benefits of working out with a personal trainer?

Research has shown that the majority of people will give up on their exercise and health lifestyles. Working with a personal trainer ensures that you undertake the most effective training schedule you can, in a safe environment that will produce rapid results for any goal. They will keep you motivated, improve your technique, show you new and exciting exercises, and can provide sports-specific training.

What happens in my initial free consultation?

Your consultation will give you a chance to meet your trainer face to face, you will have a chance to ask any questions, get a better understanding of how we will get you to where you need to be, you will also go over prices and terms and conditions. You will both get a better understanding of each others needs to then proceed with your unique plan, training times and location, our aim of our consultation procedure is for you to leave feeling completely confident and excited to get started with training, to also be completely clear minded with no questions un answered.

How do I get started getting in shape with Revolution Fitness?

Call +971 55 674 9046 or email info@revolutionfitness.ae to set up your FREE consultation with one of our personal trainers, and begin your journey to your goals now!

How can I lose the ‘Dubai Stone’?

The Dubai stone is a very common phenomenon that is the result of consuming too many calories and performing too little exercise. With Revolution Fitness we can provide the ideal environment to lose the Dubai stone as quickly as possible!

What if I need to reschedule or cancel a session? What if I travel a lot for work, or want to take a vacation, can I pause the membership?

No problem at all! You can cancel any session for any reason. Your exercise blocks last for 1 year, however we do ask for 24 hours’ notice. We offer you the same courtesy by always giving 24 hours’ notice should a Revolution Fitness personal trainer have a sudden emergency.

What if I do not like my trainer, or fitness program?

No problem, if for any reason you would like to change your trainer, we will offer you a replacement that fits your needs exactly! No questions asked!

Help! I have no co-ordination?

No problem, at Revolution Fitness we strive to offer you the best results no matter your goal, we will get you coordinated in no time!

How can I lose weight on my stomach, hips and mid-section?

Unfortunately there is no magical exercise that allows you to reduce fat in a specific area. However we can help you lose that stubborn weight, and tone up your problem areas. Set up your FREE (link to contact section) consultation now!

Can you help me with sport specific personal training and nutrition? (Marathon running, football, athletics, Olympic lifting, rugby, etc.)

Yes, our trainers have experience with clients competing is many different sports, and can help you to reach your specific goals rapidly!

Help! I’m extremely thin and have tried everything, can you help me put on muscle?

Yes, our trainers have all had clients who have struggled to put on weight. However with a tailored exercise program and personalized nutrition program, we can help you reach your goals in no time!

Help! I’ve tried everything but still won’t lose weight, can you help me?

Yes, all of our trainers have experience helping people like you reach their weight loss goals! Call +971 55 674 9046 or email info@revolutionfitness.ae to set up your FREE consultation now!

What are the benefits of in-home personal training?

In-home training, when done correctly, can offer all the same benefits as training in the gym, but in the comfort of your home! We can bring additional equipment if necessary. You can even do youth and family training at home, click here (link to personal training section) for more details.

Help! My child is overweight, doesn’t exercise and has an unhealthy diet, what can I do?

We believe a child’s health is just as, or even more important, than yours, and research shows that a child’s weight is very related to future weight and health. We can help your child improve their weight and health, in a safe and fun environment! Visit (link to youth and family fitness section) for more details!

What benefits does exercise have for a person?

Exercise is shown to improve health, fight depression, improve lifestyle satisfaction, improve attraction and increase the likelihood of finding a significant other. Call +971 55 674 9046 to set up your FREE consultation and start reaching your exercise goals now!

How do I pay for my Personal Training sessions?

Currently we offer payment by either cash or cheque.

Do I need equipment?

No, all equipment is provided by us! Just wear some comfortable clothes that offer a little bit of flexibility, and any pair of sports shoes. You may want to bring a small towel.

I have a voucher for Revolution Fitness, how do I use it?

If you have been lucky enough to receive a voucher from a friend or trainer, you can just bring your voucher with you when you wish to cash it in. Using your voucher both saves you and your referrer money!

Is Revolution Fitness insured?

Yes Revolution Fitness is insured in the unlikely event of any injury.

I’ve never exercised before, is strength training for me?

Yes of course. Revolution Fitness Personal Trainers are highly trained and qualified to ensure they ease you in to resistance training the correct and safe way. Studies show strength, or resistance training, burns the most calories so will help you lose the most weight, while assisting in building new muscle, further aiding in fat loss.

Will exercising alone help me lose weight?

Losing weight is all about burning more calories than you consume. Revolution Fitness Personal Trainers will do their best to help make this happen. Should you not want help with dieting we will do our best to help you reach you goals through high intensity sessions.

I’m on a diet, do I still need to exercise to lose weight?

Dieting is extremely important when trying to lose weight. With exercise you will speed up weight loss, while ensuring you stay healthy. We can also do small tweaks to your diet to achieve your goals faster.

Can I lose weight without cardio?

As long as you ensure to follow a diet you can still lose weight without cardio. You will have to be more strict on yourself to reach similar results as doing exercise alongside a good diet. Research also shows the most efficient way to lose weight is with a mix of resistance training, cardio and dieting (21.2 pounds in 12 weeks, instead of 14.6 pounds with only dieting).

I’m getting married in a couple of months, can you help me lose weight fast?

Yes! We can help you reach your ideal body shape as quickly as possible, so you can slip comfortably into your dream dress and look perfect for most magical day of your life!

I’ve been overweight all my life, can I lose weight?

Yes, being overweight doesn’t mean that you can’t lose weight and have your ideal healthy body! With the right exercise plan and nutrition guidance from our knowledgeable trainers, we will work together to reach your goal.

My weight loss has plateaued, can you help?

Yes, plateaus are a normal part of weight change. However our trainers can offer plateau busting techniques that will keep the scales moving in no time!

How long do I need to exercise before I see results?

You can expect to see results very quickly, particularly if you are new to exercise. With the right training and nutrition plan, people will be noticing your body changing as your lifestyle improves.

Post pregnancy:

I’ve just had a baby, can you help me lose weight and tone up?

Yes! Just because you’ve had a baby doesn’t mean you can’t have a young slim body! With the right training and nutrition guidance from our knowledgeable trainers we will help you lose weight and tone up! A healthy mother is a good role model for a child.