General Fitness Related FAQ’s

What type of training do your personal trainers have?
What type of results can I expect working with your personal trainers?
What does a normal personal training session consist of?
Can you provide nutrition planning and advice?
What makes you different from other personal training companies in the UAE?
Will I work with the same trainer every time?
What are the advantages of providing a Corporate Wellness package to our employees?
What’s included in your personal training programs?
Can we provide online personal training in the UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and beyond?
Why do some people give up on exercise? Can anyone stick to an exercise program?
I have an injury or illness, can you offer safe personal training anyway?
I have never exercised before, what program should I sign up for with Revolution Fitness?
I’m a complete beginner and have a sedentary lifestyle, is personal training for me?
I’m an advanced weight lifter, and have been exercising for years, is personal training for me?
How long does a personal training session last, and how often should we exercise together?
How much does personal training cost at Revolution Fitness Dubai?
How much is a Corporate Wellness Package?
Why should I use a personal trainer/What are the benefits of working out with a personal trainer?
What happens in my initial free consultation?
How do I get started getting in shape with Revolution Fitness?
How can I lose the ‘Dubai Stone’?
What if I need to reschedule or cancel a session? What if I travel a lot for work, or want to take a vacation, can I pause the membership?
What if I do not like my trainer, or fitness program?
Help! I have no co-ordination?
How can I lose weight on my stomach, hips and mid-section?
Can you help me with sport specific personal training and nutrition? (Marathon running, football, athletics, Olympic lifting, rugby, etc.)
Help! I’m extremely thin and have tried everything, can you help me put on muscle?
Help! I’ve tried everything but still won’t lose weight, can you help me?
What are the benefits of in-home personal training?
What benefits does exercise have for a person?
How do I pay for my Personal Training sessions?
Is Revolution Fitness insured?
I have a voucher for Revolution Fitness, how do I use it?
Do I need equipment?
I’ve never exercised before, is strength training for me?
Will exercising alone help me lose weight?
I’m on a diet, do I still need to exercise to lose weight?
Can I lose weight without cardio?
I’m getting married in a couple of months, can you help me lose weight fast?
I’ve been overweight all my life, can I lose weight?
My weight loss has plateaued, can you help?
How long do I need to exercise before I see results?