Working with Walid is great! Not only does he focus on my needs, he makes sure we maintain a healthy balance between aesthetics and health. I have worked with Walid in the past but work commitments got the better of me and discontinued, but as soon as I realised the importance of training I made sure I created time and got a trainer that takes the time to understand me

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Farah Mehdi

Training with Ruairidh is simply just fun. Its basically training with a friend that knows everything there is to know about fitness. He immediately puts you at ease, explains the reasonings behind every exercise and educates you on about every kind of stretch there is. Over the past year training with Ruairidh, I have come a long way. Ive noticed some major changes in my body and more importantly a massive improvement in my strength. I honesty couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer

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Denley Vas

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I have been training with Kieran for strength and muscle gain since October 2014. Kieran is a wonderful trainer who understands your requirements and schedules a workout regime that is both fun-filled and productive. Over such a short span of 4 months or so, I am pleased to have gained weight of around 5 kgs* and improved my strength considerably. I completely credit this to Kieran as he has been very helpful and supportive throughout.

He also motivates me to eat the right kind of food and more importantly asks me to EAT MORE!! I definitely have an improved appetite since training with Revolution Fitness and Kieran, in particular.

Would highly recommend Kieran to all those who are thinking about improving their lifestyles and getting closer to a better-looking body.

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Rasia and Mohit Manwani

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We’ve been training with Ruri for about 4 months now and we couldn’t be happier. Before starting sessions with him, our motivation level was 0 – we hated the gym and we were always looking for short cuts to “get healthy” and lose weight – read: juice detoxes and starvation!

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Victoria Brownhill

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Training with Ruairidh is an education in all things health and fitness. His enthusiasm to share his knowledge and to learn more is infectious! In understanding how each exercise affects your body physically, he can taper a program to suit you. I’ve been training with Ruairdh for over 18 months and have seen improvements in body composition, strength, flexibility, conditioning, and my all-round general health has improved immensely.

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Luke Atkinson

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I saw great results with the help of Tristan. It made me realise the intensity you should train at to make consistent mass and strength gains. He also helped adjust my nutrition and supplementation periodically in line with my changing goals. He was always able to answer any questions be it about training, nutrition, or supplementation.

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Samah Humaid

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I have been training for the last 3 years on off, the first 2 times I tried personal trainers when I was in Abu Dhabi and I gave up easily; because I was working really hard by both exercising and following a healthy diet but didn’t see any changes which put me down so I gained even more weight than when I first started.

Then I moved to Dubai and had the chance to train with Kieran from Revolution Fitness, my main goal was to lose some weight, to be healthier and fitter as sitting all day and driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi was very difficult and really damaged my back. I was shocked when my friends asked me if I am working out only ONE month after I started my sessions with Kieran, it gave me a very big positive push and I honestly enjoyed the indoor, outdoor workouts, the healthy food plan and the exercise plan that he made for me to work on when we are not training together. I paused due to my wedding and now I am more than happy to be back, aiming to make exercising a part of my life not just a phase; as having these sessions as a part of my routine is such an amazing rhythm and it gives me great energy to start my day with.

Kieran has been an amazing trainer with a great personality, great communication skills, motivator, sharing his knowledge about different information about the human body, what each exercise actually does, which muscle we are working on, fixing my posture and so many other exciting things that I have never knew before. Simply, Kieran is a trainer who is truly passionate about his job; he makes working out a very fun and intellectual part of my day and not just a painful visit to the gym that I used to not look forward for.

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Josh Armstrong

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As I wanted to improve my game and physicality, I needed to get hold of someone that could help me achieve my goal in the best way possible; Harry did just that. His carefully planned out gym sessions and strategic exercises, alongside his sheer will and desire in ensuring the improvement of my game, was crucial to pushing me to my utmost physical boundaries.

Though improving my physicality was the priority in my sessions with Harry, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goal without a few in-session laughs, and Harry made each session something to look forward to, whilst ensuring that I was pushed to my limits. Positivity is key in improving your physicality, and Harry was able to create an environment where I could thrive and achieve the success I wanted.

Whilst working with Harry over the past 3 months, I’ve experienced an immense improvement in regard to body composition, strength, flexibility, conditioning. Once I began to see the benefits of Harry’s sessions, it became an addiction to do as much as I could. Harry has continued to provide me with the basis required to further my game, and through his methodical approach to strength and conditioning, I can safely say that I am in the right hands.

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Deborah Spencer

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I started training with Harry 1.5 years ago. After 3 pregnancies and then a spinal operation, I felt I had lost a lot of power within my body. I had always been physically active so I was determined to get my strength back again so I could enjoy a healthy lifestyle with my family. The great results I have achieved are due to Harry’s diverse training methods, individualised exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting.His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and clients, provides the perfect scenario for success.

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Erika Olivares

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Before I met Kieran I was thinking about getting cosmetic surgery to get rid of excess fat around my torso but after training for only one month I changed my mind. Now that we have trained for more than 4 months the results are more than clear and I am extremely pleased with the changes my body has had in these previous months. Kieran is always happy to be training with me and I’m looking forward to every session! He’s great to be around as he makes me feel confident and safe while doing all the exercises. I could not be happier with the results I have gained and I’m looking forward to future changes!

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