I lost 12 kg!

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My client started her weight loss journey with me because she was struggling to lose weight since she was a teenager and her biggest insecurity was her hips and thighs.

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Corporate Wellness in Dubai

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BENEFITS OF CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAMS Awareness is the first step for an organization Due to higher stress, work load, long days and multi-tasking, employees are busy and do not find the time to accomplish their wellness and fitness goals. In the world that we live in, we want our employees to be super productive often […]

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Top 10 tips for weight loss

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Top 10 tips for weight loss – With Dubai Personal Trainer Christie Ffrench Count your calories! Losing weight is an equation of calorie intake versus expenditure. By counting the calories you consume you know exactly how much you are eating which makes it possible to plan and execute an effective diet plan. To lose body […]

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Cardio Exercises For Body Toning – does it work?

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PT Tips: Cardio Exercises For Body Toning – does it work? 1.     Doing regular cardio exercises are a great way to get in shape and lose some weight. Can cardio exercise also help with all over body toning and if so what types of cardio exercise work best (running, HIIT, gym workout machines etc)? If you’re untrained, cardio exercise will initially work great to build […]

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