Bigger Arms?

Dubai Personal Trainer Tips: Top 5 Workout Routines For Bigger Arms? How can I get bigger arms, fast. It’s a question often asked in Bodybuilding forums, at the gym and also to personal trainers in the UAE. Many people who start a personal training regime in Dubai with the aim of building muscle, want to […]

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Football Coaching For Kids

UAE kids football physical activity for kids

Football Coaching For Kids: In the UAE many parents consider enrolling their children in a sports related fitness program like football. As a personal trainer who can coach football in Dubai what would you say are the main benefits of enrolling kids in sports activities at an early age? Sports is a fun way to […]

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TRX Stretching & Warming Up

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TRX provides a great body workout but like any exercise method a warm up routine should be performed first. As a TRX personal trainer in Dubai what are your favourite TRX stretching and warm up routines? As a warm up it is best to keep to dynamic stretches. So I tend to start of on […]

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Can you become addicted to exercise and training?

Can you become addicted to exercise and training? Q & A with Kieran Francis Addiction and exercise and not ‘normally’ associated with each other because we rightly think that exercise is good for us. However, there’s no denying the fact that some people have addictive personalities who sometimes use exercise as a tool to replace […]

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Dubai Female Personal Trainer – What Do You Normally Eat For Breakfast?

My breakfast generally differs between 3/4 different options. Protein, oats, berries and almond flakes Egg white omelette with spinach, mushrooms and avocado Protein shake Peanut butter on toast Why do you think your breakfast choices are an important part of your daily nutrition and how do they benefit your morning routine/start of the day: I […]

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Zumba – A Great All-Round Exercise Regime Designed For All Ages

Zumba – A Great All-Round Exercise Regime Designed For All Ages Personal Trainer Q & A Category: Exercise Types & Techniques Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Lenie Geisshirt Zumba – a great way to lose weight, stay in shape and get fit in the UAE. It’s known all over the world as one of the most […]

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Boxing – An Ideal Workout For Weight Loss & Fat Reduction

There are many ways to lose weight. Adding an element of boxing to your training can help speed up weight loss in the UAE Dieting alone can make weight loss a slow process and it is more effective to exercise and diet if you need to shed some extra pounds. High energy workouts like boxing […]

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Physical family activities with Kieran Francis

1.) What all are the physical activities that a family can take up together? 2) & What are the benefits of them?  Generally the best choices will either be individual tasks where the family members can motivate each other and still be social, or group activities which require team work. Individual tasks include: Exercise, dance, […]

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Hala Alekhwan

Hala Alekhwan - Personal Trainer

I started training with Amanda 8 months ago when I realised that I would never train on my own because I’m lazy and lack motivation. Training with Amanda is highly motivating, super fun, quite challenging, and most importantly I was able to see results so quickly, the thing that kept me going for more.

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