Best Male Personal Trainer in Dubai & Football Coach –  Shane Saunders



  • Certified Level 2 Gym Instructor – Active IQ
  • Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer – Active IQ
  • TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Kettlebell Trainer
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Advanced First Aid


Muscle gain, body toning,  strength gain, weight loss, sport specific conditioning, hiit, circuit training




Best male personal trainer in Dubai and football coach Shane is an English personal trainer who is well-qualified and knowledgeable about general fitness, nutrition and overall health. He is able to train people of special age; kids and old age. His expertise lies in strength gain, weight loss, circuit training, Hiit and sport-specific conditioning. He is an extraordinary football coach and an amazing listener. He caters very well to his clients’ need and ensures progress. His excellent knowledge in nutrition helps him make nutrition plans for his clients and also keep track of the progress.